Saturday, March 22, 2014

CrashPlan and JunOS Pulse conflict

I spent an hour or so today trying to get CrashPlan working on my linux machine.  The software installed just fine, and the backup engine appeared to start fine as well:

$ sudo service crashplan start    
Starting CrashPlan Engine ... Using standard startup

However, the desktop portion of the CrashPlan software kept saying that it was "Unable to connect to the backup engine, retry?".  Weird.  So I checked to see if the server was actually listening on the port it's supposed to be listening on:

$ netstat -ln | grep 4243

Nope.  So it must not be starting up as "OK" as it claims.  Digging through some of the logs (specifically /usr/local/crashplan/log/service.log.0) I found this gem that shows up just before the service automatically shuts down:

[03.22.14 22:05:04.511 WARN    main                 com.backup42.service.CPService          ] >>>>> CPService is already listening on <<<<<

Wait, wat?  Something (it thinks it's itself, but that's not the case) is already bound to port 4242.  Netstat shows who actually is bound to that port:

$ sudo netstat -anp | grep 4242 
tcp  0 0*        LISTEN      11466/ncsvc
tcp  0 0   ESTABLISHED 11466/ncsvc
tcp  0 0  ESTABLISHED 11466/ncsvc

ncsvc!  That's the Juniper VPN software (aka JunOS Pulse).  Well that's no good, I'm almost always connected to the VPN.  Luckily, CrashPlan lets you configure the port that the server uses to something other than 4242!

The fix that made it work happily ever after was simply modifying a line in /usr/local/crashplan/conf/my.service.xml:

To a port that isn't already in use:

Now the CrashPlanEngine portion of the software runs smoothly even when I'm on the VPN!